On December 21, 2012 the transformation of Earth humans took an unprecedented and magnificent step forward. The path to a multi-dimensional existence was opened so that all in physical form in the cosmos might partake of it. Nothing like this has occurred ever before.

On 12-12-12 the underpinnings of 3rd Dimension control of this planet were removed.This was done in cooperation with the highest celestials, the ones who had originally created 3rd Dimension.

This cleared the way for Earth to shift into the 5th Dimension and higher vibrations. Because these extraordinary events impact the entirety of creation, Earth and its humans are the focal point of attention by celestials and our brothers and sisters from throughout this and all other universes.

Through these actions all planets, all galaxies, and all universes will now return to the light of the Creator. You are invited to accompany us on the next leg of this glorious journey.

The shift to a 5th Dimension reality will be more encompassing than anything that has ever happened before, and more dramatic than imaginable. The shift has already begun with upward acceleration of the internal vibrations of billions of Earth humans. They in turn are manifesting new attitudes and behaviors as they walk within the remnants of the 3rd Dimension without being a part of it. By choosing to intentionally increase our frequency, we bring our physical bodies into this higher vibration existence, thus becoming creators of all aspects of our lives. The closing of the 3rd Dimension and the opening of the path to the 5th Dimension and higher ease and accelerate this process.

Fear, war, deceit, violence, self-centeredness, and environmental destruction are incompatible with Earth’s lighter density. 3rd Dimension structures and constraints that enslave humanity are crumbling. We are already experiencing the chaos as these give way to a 5th Dimension for Earth and her human inhabitants. Individuals are now choosing to embrace a higher way to live, or to cling to the old ways. In either case everyone will soon find themselves among those of a similar vibration, on Earth or elsewhere.

Under the direction of Creator, archangels, along with dedicated lightworkers, are now transforming this planet from lower density to higher. This is a wondrous development that enables Earth humans to merge a lighter density into their physical form. To ride the wave of this transformation, maintain a higher vibration so as to stand tall amidst the surrounding chaos.

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Contact with our star sisters and brothers, with celestials, and with knowledge of the larger reality are but the starting points to understanding this pivotal juncture in human history. Our inner journey of discovering who we truly are is even more exciting and rewarding. We have before us the opportunity to achieve what none have before accomplished: Discovering our true potential as great beings of light and using this knowledge to create a new civilization on Earth based on the truth, love, and joy of the 5th Dimension.